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Knocking Agent -rcol 2802


It is a powder break down agent for Silicate – Co2 system. It is recommended for both mold/core made of Silicate – Co2 system and also self setting silicate system. It is Iron Oxide Base Knocking Agent.

Instruction For Use

Addition rate: 0.5 to 1.0 % of dry sand used. Coat dry sand with required RCOL POWDER and then add Sodium Silicate. Harden the sodium silicate either with Co2 gas or ester.


RCOL POWDER provides effective and uniform breakdown Properties over the entire section of the mould or core. Iron oxide increases the thermal conductivity of the coated Sand. The iron oxide reduces gas defects. The iron oxide prevent pin hole defects.


50 Kg bags.

F.m.p.rsj-500 (Screen Hardner)

F.M.P.RSJ-500 is alcohol base solvent. It is light, Volatile, Colorless, Flammable Liquid with a distinctive odor.

Density 0.785 To 0.800
Appearance Colorless Liquid
Boiling Point 65’C
Flash Point 12 TO 14 ‘C
AutoignitionTemprature 385 TO 395’C
Main hazards Flammable

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